D.C. Pride

Hey y’all!

So another week of living in NYC has come and gone. I’m not in love with being there. I don’t hate it, but I’m not in love. Maybe when I explore the city more next weekend it will grow on me some more. I do like work and my co-workers. I did really enjoy our fundraising event on Thursday. I struggled to think of a time where I was surrounded by more transgender people. I guess the only comparable situation I can think of would be during last year’s lavender law conference. It’s always great to be surrounded by your people. It’s this feeling of family and instant comfort. I even got to meet the amazing Janet Mock and got a copy of one of her books. It was a in fact a “rainbows and butterflies” kind of night.

This weekend I went to Washington D.C. to celebrate a friend’s birthday and go to Pride and the Equality March. Overall, I had a really great time. There was glitter, alcohol, rainbows, feathers, high heels, short shorts, and more alcohol.

It was truly amazing to run around shirtless for pride. For the first time since I can remember I felt proud of how I looked… beer belly and all! Some might think that transgender people are overly obsessed with physical appearance, but once you finally get to see the person that you’ve been wishing to see for years looking back at you in the mirror, damn right you’re proud. I got many knowing smiles from other transgender people as the parade went down the street yesterday and as I marched through the streets for equality today. Having that kind of support means the world to me.

I also can’t help but think about how this trip was different than my last trip to Washington. Last time, I was so excited to go see all the monuments and proud to take my picture in front of the White House. Being in Washington has made me miss President Obama even more. This time, I joined countless others in giving the White House the middle finger as we marched by.

One could say that my behavior was childish and disrespectful. It might even come back to haunt me one day if I run for office. But, I and the thousands of other marchers today have a right to be angry and express it how we choose. Our rights are being threatened and our very democracy is being undermined. Telling me or any other marginalized person how or how not to express anger is oppressive and seeks to undermine the very real feelings that we have. This kind of anger seems to be limited to those of majority status but certainly shouldn’t be. So I’m going to keep marching, keep yelling, and yes, keep flipping the White House the bird because I’m angry.

All the best,



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