And I’m Back

Hey everyone,

As you know, it has been quite a while since I’ve been on here. I have been really busy with school, finals, packing, and moving to New York City for the summer. I am kind of disappointed that I haven’t been keeping up with my blog, but obviously I’ve had a lot going on lately.

I am approximately 830 miles away from home, Georgia’s Alexander Campbell King Law Library! I’m kidding… sort of. So yeah, I arrived in NYC last Sunday afternoon by train. While it was cheaper to take the train because of all my luggage, I didn’t sleep hardly at all. The damn train whistle went off at every road/tracks crossing. There was a surprising amount of room on the train, and it was nice to get up and walk around a good bit. I’d like to fly back, but I’ll probably take the train back to save some money.

Speaking of money, this place isn’t cheap! I’m really mad that I was forced to buy eight meals a week in NYU’s dining hall, and it isn’t even open on weekends right now. I’m not sure it’s going to be open on weekends. I’ll find out more tomorrow at a hall meeting.

Right now my biggest obstacle is getting my testosterone. I was supposed to take my shot the Friday before I left, but since the prescription was in Athens, I just thought I’d wait to transfer it to a CVS here. When I went to a nearby CVS they told me that I couldn’t transfer the prescription into the state because it’s a controlled substance, and my doctor would have to write a new one. It took me a couple of days to call the doctor because everything was so hectic at work. So long story short is that my doctor in Athens snail-mailed a prescription to a CVS here in the city, and I hope to do my shot this week. That means I’ll be basically two weeks behind on my shot. Needless to say, I’m a little tired and grumpy from being low-T. I just hope it doesn’t cost me too much when I get it filled…

As for some good news, I met up with someone that will be going to Georgia Law next year. We had a great time walking around Greenwich Village and getting some ice cream. He won’t be here the entire summer, but I’m sure that we’ll hang out a lot before he heads back to Georgia.

Overall, I like being here alright. On Friday night, I had drinks with Kylar Broadus, a work colleague from TLDEF. It was really amazing to talk about the trans movement, trans guy stuff, trans lawyer stuff, and the like with him. I also am glad that it isn’t too hot so far. I live on the 14th floor of the dorm, but I don’t have air conditioner. At some point I’ll get a fan. I do still miss Athens, but I don’t think that feeling will ever go away.

All the best,


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