Big Apple

Bye Bye Binder

Hi everyone,

Well to those who don’t know, I accepted an internship with the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund in New York City for the summer. It’s going to be truly amazing to work with all of the trans attorneys there. It’s also going to be incredibly nice to not have to teach others about trans issues for a couple of months. The idea that I’ll be learning more about trans issues and trans legal theory through the trans attorneys there is incredibly exciting. Of course, about a week after accepting the position at TLDEF the judge with the EEOC in Atlanta offered me a summer internship. Obviously I declined to take it. I think I made the right choice for me.

SCOTUS is sending back Gavin Grimm’s case to use the correct bathroom to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in light of the reversal of the federal government’s position. It’s pretty heartbreaking to say the least. To try and make a difference in the case’s outcome, a handful of trans law students and I joined an amicus brief for the case. The National Law Journal wrote an article highlighting some of our stories. The statewide legal newspaper republished it, and even the School gave the article a mention on it’s website. That at least feels pretty good.

Last weekend I finally got to burn one of my binders. It’s a right of passage of sorts for trans guys who’ve had top surgery. Wearing a binder is pretty horrible, so I was really glad to see it go. Before you get all “you could have donated it” on me, it wasn’t in a condition good enough to donate, and I’ve saved two more to donate to trans guys in need. They’re the Underworks full torso size large. If you’d like one or know someone who would, comment below.

Tomorrow is 3 months post-op. I’m still a little sore, but I can sleep on my stomach comfortably. I have a little discoloration between the scars in the middle of my chest. I guess it’s some bruising. It doesn’t hurt though. If you’re wondering about top surgery and have specific questions, just comment below.

On Thursday I had supper with a trans guy and his parents who is wanting to transfer to UGA. His mom came in contact with my mom through a LGBT mom’s Facebook group, and she emailed me to set it up. I enjoyed meeting him and his family. I can see why his mom and my mom connected. They’re both very involved in their kids’ lives to say the least. I was hoping he would be a little more active in asking questions of me. He’s going to have to learn to not rely on his parents as much. I think that my transition has been extra satisfying in knowing I’ve navigated the vast majority of it on my own. Of course I’ve had help along the way through emotional support and people answering my questions. But it feels good to know I’ve been the catalyst for my own happiness.

All the best,