Law Prom

Hey everyone,

Wow, a lot has happened over the last week. I guess I’ll start with the Cheeto. As all of y’all should know, the current administration has announced a different stance on transgender students in regard to Title IX. Obviously I think they are wrong and that discrimination based on gender identity is sex discrimination. I’ve been feeling pretty down about the whole situation lately, not because I fear for my own safety in the School’s bathrooms, but because I fear for the younger trans kids.

On a different note, I had three interviews on Friday. The first one was with the EEOC hearings unit. I interviewed with Judge Hagan. I think it went well, but I’m not sure if it went well enough. He did say that I would hear back by the middle of the week. The second one was with the Georgia Law Center for the Homeless. I think I knocked it out of the park.

The third one was not really much of an interview as it was just an offer to intern at the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund in NYC. I would be working with two of my very favorite trans guy attorneys (Yes, I include you in the broader group, T-Rex Sr.) and would be absolutely in love with the work. I guess the hangup I have is figuring out if it would be the right move for my career. I’m interested in employment law and working with an administrative law judge would be great experience and great for my resume. However, it will be nice to spend the summer broadening my knowledge of trans legal issues rather than just teaching others about them. A summer at TLDEF would be an amazing recharge. I’m going to have to think hard about this if I am so fortunate as to get an internship with the EEOC.

So for the first time I’m taking a stand on pronoun use. As many of you know, I do my best to be generous when people slip up and use the wrong pronouns for me. Yesterday, at the Working in the Public Interest Conference someone whom I used to consider a friend misgendered me in front of a group of people. This person has done it periodically since we met. I have gracefully corrected this person time and time again, but this time I’m done. I don’t take lightly removing someone from my life, especially a colleague, but I have to take care of myself.

Yesterday was also Barrister’s Ball. It’s basically the Law School’s prom. I even rented a tuxedo for the event. A group of my friends went to dinner before. We had overpriced Italian food lol The Ball was so much fun. I certainly got my money’s worth! As I walked around the Georgia Theater, I felt a tremendous amount of love from my fellow students. So many people told me how good I looked or congratulated me on my offer or just chatted with me about the night. I had a really amazing time.

All the best,


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