Less Sore

Hey everyone,

Tomorrow will be two months since my top surgery! I am overall very, very pleased with the results. There’s one little thing that I’m hoping will smooth out, but I won’t go into the details here. If you’re interested in top surgery and want to know more, send me a comment or message here, and I’ll give you more info. Umm, my chest is a lot less sore than it was. I can lie down on my side for short periods now. I’m not 100% yet, but it’s definitely better. I’d really like to get back in the gym in a couple of weeks. Maybe I’ll feel up to it in March. I’ve been thinking about posting some pictures here, but I don’t think I’m ready to do that just yet. I’ll be happy when the scars fade.

I shaved for the first time since October last Saturday, and I have noticeable stubble a week later. Of course I would love to be able to grow a full beard, but I’m also kind of glad that I don’t have to shave all the time just yet. I am glad that my acne is starting to clear up. It definitely helps with people not thinking that I’m like 12 years old… lol

So last week I talked about an incident in class involving the use of the word transsexual and other offensive language used in reference to transgender people. I had a meeting with the professor, and he was open to my comments and thanked me for coming to talk to him. We had a respectful and productive conversation. He even said that he would go back and discuss the case in a way that is more authentic to the trans experience. Obviously I was thrilled with the result of our conversation. I was a little disheartened when he didn’t go back and discuss the case in our last class. The last case we talked about in class was the last one in the discrimination section, I believe. I’m going to be pretty angry and disappointed if he doesn’t go back and address all of the incorrect things that happened in the presentation of that case. I hate the idea of people thinking that it’s okay to misgender someone or call someone a transsexual or think that trans people have gender identity disorder.

Yesterday I went to another trans support group meeting. It’s always good to hang with other trans people. I’ve been feeling a little down lately with all of the political idiocy going on. It was nice to get a little recharge by being around my people.

All the best,



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