Adios 2016

Hey everyone,

Well today marks the first day of 2017. As I look back on 2016, I can’t help but feel conflicted about the past year. On on hand, I’ve had some of the most incredible experiences in my transition experience and of my life in 2016. I turned 24 in January. I started testosterone in March. I started my first job as an openly trans man in June. I started my second year of law school in August. I had top surgery almost three weeks ago, and recovery is going okay. I’m a little concerned about parts of my chest, but I’ll spare you the details. I’ll probably call the doctor’s office in a couple days if it doesn’t get any better.

On the other hand, I’ve always been someone who has always excelled in school, but it’s been pretty hard to learn how to tame the law school beast. I’m halfway done though, and with all that I have on my plate, I think I’ll give myself a bit of a pass on the first half of law school.

I’ve talked about it in previous posts, but the election has been especially hard to deal with. I have my externship on Wednesdays and Fridays next semester, but I’ve already taken off the inauguration as a mental health day. I honestly don’t know how marginalized groups are going to survive the incoming administration and the empowerment of hate that is sure to come with it. The Pulse nightclub shooting hit me pretty hard back in June. I expect the same kind of hate to plague the next four years.

Last week, after 29 years and two days of marriage, my parents divorced. It’s for the best of course, but at the same time, it’s another subtle reminder of the “no so good” aspects of my childhood. A week later, my father has already violated the divorce decree by essentially commandeering and changing the locks on our old house despite my mom having possession for the next 60 days. What a man…

In 2017, I have several resolutions. I resolve to live more authentically than ever. I resolve to love myself by putting my mental and physical health first. I resolve to find power in my own vulnerability. I resolve to strengthen existing friendships and cultivate new ones. I resolve to actively combat bigotry and hate. I resolve to empower marginalized people. I resolve to be the best man I can everyday for 365 days.

All the best in 2017,



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