Sky High

They said I needed warm socks for surgery…
My mom, my sister, and me

Hey everyone,

I’m here at the Fort Lauderdale airport waiting to fly back to Atlanta. Mom, Sarah, and I just left Dr. Garramone’s office. He took the  bandages off to take a look at my chest, and he said everything looks great.

Dr. Garramone and his staff were really great throughout this whole process. I gave him some crap about him being a Florida Gator, and he took it pretty well… Haha. Yeah we lost this year, but Gators still wear jean shorts!

I’m so excited right now. I have a happiness and freedom that I don’t think I’ve ever felt in my life, and I’ve had the privilege of doing some pretty great things in my life. I’ve been a state champion, played college golf, studied abroad in Barcelona for a summer, been accepted and attend a great law school, and I think this tops the cake. To see the man in the mirror that I’ve been dreaming about is a truly amazing feeling.

Mom and Sarah did a great job taking care of me this week. I know it wasn’t easy to change the drains and deal with my post-op grumpyness… Haha

All the best,



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