Pre-op Musings

Hey everyone!

Well I’m here at the beach, looking at the ocean from the balcony and drinking a beer. Life is good!

I just finished my third semester of law school so that means I am officially halfway done. I can’t believe it. It’s flying by. I think overall this has been the best semester that I’ve had so far mentally and emotionally. Law school is not easy, folks. I am continuously reminded of the amazing support system that I have at the law school. UGA Law is an amazing place. Don’t get me wrong, law school is an emotional mind [game,] but the people that I interact with on a daily basis are wonderful. I am pretty sad that I just finished my last class with my favorite professor. I’ve already taken all of the classes that she’s going to teach in the next year and a half.

So I’m here in Fort Lauderdale for my top surgery. I have my pre-op appointment tomorrow morning, and my surgery is on Tuesday. Everything is still a little surreal at this point. I’m excited though. I’m probably going to be nervous, especially after my appointment tomorrow. I’m glad to have my mom and my sister here, even though I feared for my life many times on the 11 hour drive down here!

So as I said in a follow-up comment to last week’s blog, I chose Dr. Garramone because of a friend’s recommendation, and I did a lot of research. I quickly realized that Dr. G has by far the best and most consistent results. I am lucky that, relatively speaking, he is so close by. Talking in detail about the procedure isn’t something that I’m up for right now, but I’ll probably talk more about it in the future and maybe post some pictures.

All the best,



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