8 Months on T

Hey everyone,

I just noticed that I’m two days past my 8 month anniversary on testosterone. Wow. Time flies when you’re in law school hell I guess haha

My voice has leveled off for the most part. I dropped down in my T dose for a month, and now I’m back to a full dose. I’m hoping this will push my voice down a little lower. I have gotten to where I can go out wearing a big sweatshirt without a chest binder and not get misgendered. I do think I’m looking a lot more masculine these days. Facial hair is starting to sprout, so I’m sure that will help.

I’m 16 days away from surgery, and the closer the day gets, the more anxiety I get. I just hope it turns out like I picture it. I can’t help but worry that something may go wrong, or I might not be completely satisfied with the result. I’m going to arguably the best surgeon in the country, but I’m still pretty anxious about it.

It doesn’t help that I’m also really stressed out about finals and a paper I’m writing. My first final is on Wednesday–Constitutional Law II. My paper is about legal challenges to bathroom use based on gender identity. It’s the kind of paper that I could keep working on and maybe get published. We shall see.

All the best,



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