National Coming Out Day

Hey everyone!

Well I’m late on the post again. I’ve been so busy with school, and I was worn out by Pride last week to write a post. A law school friend told me yesterday that she and others at the school appreciate my blog posts. That made me feel pretty good. I’ll keep trying to carve out some time to make the weekly posts.

Last Sunday was my fourth Atlanta Pride. I got to be in the parade with the Georgia Democratic Party, and it was a lot of fun. My sister came to Pride too. It was her second Pride. She seemed to really enjoy it.

National coming out day was this past Tuesday. The first time I came out (as a lesbro) was about three and a half years ago. The second time I came out (I dropped the les) was a little over a year ago. To say that life is all rainbows and sunshine now that I’m out as a trans man would be a lie. Transitioning can be very painful at times, but it’s the kind of pain that makes you stronger. I hope that everyone can find the strength to come out. Living an authentic life is the best kind of life. As they say, a closet is no place to live.

Rightfully or wrongfully, I get angry from time to time at the people at the law school who don’t come out. First of all, I see you. Second, there’s nothing wrong with you. Third, anyone who says there is, is full of…

I know coming out is hard. You risk losing friends and family in coming out. You also make it harder on people who are already out. To be clear, I’m not saying that you should risk your safety to come out. Please put your safety first. I’m just saying that you should think about the reasons that you choose to stay in the closet and how that affects you and the rest of the community. It gets better. I’m always here to talk if you want to.

All the best,



Happy Pride!

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