6 Months (& 1 Week)

Hey everyone!

I missed posting last week, which is a shame because it was my official six months on testosterone. Law school takes over sometimes. I don’t really have a lot to say this week. I’m busy with school and OUTlaw planning. I did actually take the lower dose of T like the doc suggested. I don’t think that my voice dipped like it usually does this past week. Since I take my shots every other week, around the middle Friday is when I’m at my deepest. My voice didn’t seem as low this time around, which gives me anxiety.

In light of some recent comments that have been made to me, I’d just like to give a short PSA about how to talk about trans bodies. I’m certainly not a spokesman for the community, but I think it’s safe to say that you generally shouldn’t tell a trans person who’s about to have top surgery in a couple months that he shouldn’t be afraid to take off his shirt and advocate for the “free the nipple” movement. Now clearly I’m all for people doing whatever feels comfortable with their body. This isn’t about anything but how to be respectful. I felt objectified, and it made me really uncomfortable for someone to talk about me in that way. Please don’t do that.


All the best,



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