1 Year of Blogging

Hey everyone!

Tomorrow is the official one year anniversary of my first blog. During this past year I’ve had thousands of visitors from nearly 20 countries on 6 continents visit this page. Thank y’all so much!

So this past week was a very good and busy week. On Tuesday I took a trip to Atlanta to hear Mara Keising from the National Center for Transgender Equality speak. She was absolutely amazing, and it was so good to be surrounded by trans people. I even got to meet Vandy Beth Glenn from the famous Glenn v. Brumby case. NTCE will be one of the places that I apply for a summer internship at so hopefully a little face time will help.

I had the best day that I’ve had in a long time yesterday. I went up to Young Harris and had lunch with a mentor of mine. He’s an attorney who, along with his attorney/ college president wife, really encouraged me to go to law school. I haven’t talked to him a whole lot since coming out, but he has been supportive since day one. It was really good to catch up with him.

After lunch, I went to the wedding of one of my college golf teammates. I was really nervous about being there. I hadn’t had much, if any, contact with them since coming out. They were absolutely great. Despite the occasional trip up/omission of pronouns, I couldn’t have asked for more. It was just like old times. I even had the pleasure of dancing with one of my teammates. That moment was the happiest that I’ve been in a long time. I felt so valid in my manhood. Maybe that’s not the right way to describe it, but there was just something about dancing with a beautiful girl that made me feel really good about being a man.

I hope to do better about keeping in contact with my YHC family, especially my golf teammates. They are some truly amazing people.

All the best,




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