Back to School

Hey everyone!

The first week of 2L year is over, and I’ll just say that it has been an adjustment period. It has been hard to figure out my preparation schedule for the two, one day a week classes I have. I definitely can’t wait as late as I did to read for those classes. I also need to get a game plan for my two paper classes. I haven’t been able to sleep that well this week. It’s been hard for me to fall asleep. I think I’ve been a little stressed about being back at school. I’m taking Election Law, Constitutional Law II, State and Local Government, Criminal Procedure I, and the Federalist Papers. I do like my classes, but I can tell that it’s going to be a really busy semester.

It was nice to see everyone at school. I received a positive response about my voice, and a lot of people seem to think that I look pretty different from back in May. I did wear my “Legalize trans” shirt to school on Friday. A few people told me that it’s a cool shirt, or they want to get one. I think that’s pretty cool.

All the best,




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