3 Months on T

Hey everyone!

Yesterday was officially three months on testosterone. From all the issues that I had just to start this process to all of the sleepless nights that I had once I started, being on T has definitely been quite a ride. Everything has been so worth it though. Most of my changes have been pretty much right on schedule with the timelines that I’ve found on the internet and what my trans guy friends have said. My sleep schedule has finally leveled out, which makes me a much happier camper. I am excited to see what these next two months holds for my voice. During months three and four I should have a decent drop. I’m being recognized more and more as male based on my appearance, but I often get called ma’am on the phone…

This past week Stonewall Bar Association (LGBTQ) put on a Trans 101 continuing legal education event  that I went to. It was good to be surrounded by other trans people for an evening. I’m also glad that the bar association is trying to educate attorneys on trans issues. I also got to meet with Lost-N-Found Youth, an LGBTQ youth homeless agency, as part of the trans needs assessment that I’m doing for my internship. Despite trans people being 0.5% of the population, I found out that 8-10% of the youth that they help identify as trans. Today is “marriage equality day,” which is a great victory for the LGBTQ community. Today is a day of celebration, but we shouldn’t forget how far we have to go especially with the trans community.

All the best,


If you would like to donate to my top surgery fundraiser, please go to the website below. All donations are greatly appreciated!



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