Week 6 on T

Hey everyone!

Another week has gone by in Athens. I’ve taken my torts and constitutional law finals so I have contracts and civil procedure left. I’ll just say that I wish I could type faster and leave it at that. This is going to be a short post since I need to get back to studying.

More of my classmates have noticed my voice changes. I even ran into a friend of mine on Monday who’s a trans guy, and he mentioned it. I guess the biggest changes I’ve noticed over the past week would be more acne and hair. The peach fuzz is officially coming in! Haha

I really feel good about all of the changes that have happened so far…minus the acne. I’m excited to see how everything progresses in the coming months. It will definitely be interesting to come back to Athens in the fall looking pretty different. I was just taking a study break to walk around Herty Field. I almost got hit by a frisbee thrown by a little kid. The father came over, and I handed it to him. He said, “thank you sir.” I just smiled.

All the best,



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