Week 4 on T

Hey everybody!

Another week has gone by, and I’m a little closer to the one month on T mark. This week has been pretty good. On Thursday I went to Atlanta for an open house at the new Transgender Law Center/Southerners on New Ground office. I made some good connections there. I even got to meet Rep. Park Cannon, the first openly queer member of the Georgia legislature. She’s absolutely amazing, and I look forward to fighting the good fight with her in the future. The event was really affirming and re-energizing. Getting to talk to trans attorneys is always a pleasure.

After the event I went to celebrate some good news with one of my trans guy friends over some margs and queso. Thanks to a couple of fellowships to help alleviate some of the costs of having an unpaid public interest summer job, I’ve got most of my top surgery paid for! I’ll be setting up a date for that next week some time. At this point I think I’ll need to fundraise $1000-$2000. I think that’s doable though. I’ll be doing some in-person fundraising and probably a go fund me for people on here. I hope that y’all will be willing to pitch in!

On Friday I went to see my doctor and got some blood work done to check my T level and red blood cells…routine stuff. I am lucky to have such an inclusive place to go. All of the people there are really nice and helpful. Later that day I got a call from Georgia Equality about doing a little volunteering with them this summer. I didn’t get a chance to call back, but I look forward to calling them back on Monday to see if we can work something out. I also went with some friends to a professor’s house for wine. We won this as part of a fundraiser/auction for summer fellowships. It was a lot of fun.

Just in case anyone is curious about my dose, I take 200ml every other week. I just took my third shot on Friday.


I haven’t noticed much change in my voice. I forgot to make a voice video in Friday like I usually do, but I made one earlier today. It was pretty much like the last one.

A momentous change has happened since I’ve started T. No more shark week! It was supposed to be this past week, but I got nothing. It normally takes 1-3 months for that to stop so I’m glad that mine is gone for good.

My insomnia is a little better, and knock on wood that it stays that way.

I’ve also noticed that I’ve become more attracted to gay men. Surprise! I’ve heard that sometimes trans men get pretty guy-obsessed, and sometimes that can turn into attraction to men. I’ve always been attracted to men on various levels so I guess what I’m feeling makes sense. I’m more into feminine qualities than just strictly feminine women.

Off to study for finals… Have a great week!

All the best,




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