Left Leg in Two Weeks

Hey everyone!

After many, many calls to the doctor I finally was able to pick up my testosterone from the pharmacy. It was just $19 for the month. I set up an appointment with the university health center for this past Friday for a nurse to show me how to do it. I showed up for my appointment Friday morning only to find out that the health center hadn’t been able to get the necessary info from my doctor to show me how to do it. After waiting over an hour for the doctor to fax the information my primary care physician at the health center said that he was comfortable to go ahead with the injection. More importantly, he said that he is willing to oversee my medication so I don’t have to deal with the incompetents at the doctor’s office in Atlanta any more.

So on March 25, 2016 I administered my first dose of testosterone! I feel really great about it. I’m excited to see the changes in the coming weeks and months. My right thigh is still sore from the shot. I’m going to have to use a bigger needle for the next shots so I’m not looking forward to that. I’m on a full cc every other week so all of my changes should be relatively on schedule with other trans guys.

Unfortunately I got the lab bill from my blood work. It’s over $600. I can’t tell if BCBS rejected it or if they never got it. I checked online and there was no record of it on my insurance. I’m going to have to call them and the doctor to work this out. Ugh.

Anyway, I am really excited to finally be able to start T and see the changes that deep down I’ve always wanted. I’m lucky to have the support of my mom, sister, and many friends. I’ll continue to chronicle my transition on my blog.  I might eventually post some pictures. I made a pre-T video, but my voice is twangy-horribleness so I’m keeping that just for me! HAHA  As always, feel free to share my blog with others, especially other trans guys or their families.

All the best,



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