Hey everyone!

Well I still haven’t been able to start testosterone yet. I’m waiting on my blood work to come back and the doctor to call it in. It seems a little ridiculous that almost two weeks have gone by, and I haven’t been able to start. I called the office on Friday, and a nurse was supposed to call me back but didn’t. Ugh… patience has never been my virtue. I’m going to call again first thing tomorrow. I hope that I’ll be able to talk to someone to get some answers.

Overall this past week was a good one. On Tuesday I did the first part of the first round of the appellate oral argument competition. I did alright for the amount of time that I put into it, which was like none. On Thursday I got to go back to my undergrad and be on a panel about graduate school. It went well. I really enjoyed seeing some of my old friends and professors. I noticed a few confused looks when I was introduced as Harris. Everyone was really nice and respectful though. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to see my fairy godparents though! haha Oh well. Maybe I can get their Master’s badges for a day like I did last year.

Since money is pretty tight with my being in school and not being able to work, I found a way to do a little fundraiser for transition costs. If you go to http://www.legalizetrans.com/#_l_4o and purchase a shirt then I’ll get $3 of every shirt. I don’t think that you have to just buy the first items that show up. I think that you can buy any of their items. But you do have to use this link (copy and paste) for me to get $3. The shirts come in different colors and some say “All genders matter” and others say “Legalize Trans*” so I hope that you’ll buy a cool shirt for a good cause. If you have any questions just comment on this post. Thank you in advance!

All the best,




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