So Close

Hey everyone!

My doctor’s appointment on Tuesday went really well. They took some blood, and as long as that comes back alright I’ll be able to start testosterone. The doctor acted like I would be able to start ASAP. I’m hoping that it will be sometime this week. Once I pick up my prescription I’ll make an appointment with the university health center so I can learn how to do the injection. There are  YouTube videos on how to do it, but I think for the first time it would be good for someone to show me.

I got a false alarm from the pharmacist today. CVS left a message on my phone that a prescription was ready so I went to pick it up. It was just an inhaler (for exercise-induced asthma) that the doctor wanted me to have. So that was disappointing.

After my appointment I hung out with one friend for a while and then had supper with another friend. It was good to see both of them. For the rest of spring break I mostly just hung around the house. I probably should have gotten some more work done but having some time to rest was good.

All the best,



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