Spring Break

Hey everyone!

I’m enjoying the start of a much needed spring break! I’ve been resting, getting some school work done, and even working out! Today I went to a UGA baseball game and forgot sunscreen…good thing I’ve got aloe. Needless to say I won’t be feeling the bern, I mean burn. (Oh come on, that’s funny and you know it!)

Anyway, I picked up my HRT letter from the therapist on Friday so I’m all good to go for my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. I’m having supper with a friend afterward so I’m looking forward to that too. I’m thankful to have other trans guy friends who give me good advice.

I heard back from Atlanta Legal Aid Society on Thursday, and I got the job! I’m super stoked about it. I celebrated in grand fashion with my friends since we were already out and about celebrating turning in our brief and the start of spring break. Now I just have to figure out something about where I’m going to live for the summer. I’m about to start applying for grants to pay for housing and other expenses over the summer. I really hope that I don’t have to dip into my top surgery money because it’s not a lot at this point. So wish me luck on getting a grant!

All the best,



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