The Year Ahead

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a very happy holiday season. Since everyone seems to be making resolutions for the new year, I thought that I’d share some thoughts on my upcoming year. I think that my “resolution” is to better myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. My self-care hasn’t necessarily been the best over the past semester, so I hope to really make improvements in 2016. I have transition-related plans that really will benefit from taking care of myself. I am hoping to have top surgery next December so losing weight will be a top priority for me during the course of the year. I’m guessing that I’ll have to stop ordering multiple $5 pizzas as supper for the week…

Anyway, I’m also going to make working out a priority. I was pretty good about going to the gym while I lived in Atlanta, so I’m hoping to get back with it once the semester starts. I’m hoping to work out three times a week. I think that’s pretty reasonable.

Like I mentioned in the last post, I have to see a therapist to get approved for testosterone so I think it will be a good opportunity to talk about some of the things I’ve been feeling/thinking about. There’s a couple of gender therapists in Athens so I hope that I will like one of them. UGA’s LGBT center highly recommended one therapist, so I guess I’ll try her first.

I hope that in the year ahead I can also strengthen friendships and make new ones. I will really need to surround myself with good people in the coming year for support with all of the changes that will be taking place. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of my family, friends, and friends who are family.

I’m really excited about 2016 and hope to make it the best year yet. As always, please share my blog with your friends, and feel free to post comments, questions, or things that y’all want me to talk about in the future.

Happy New Year!



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