Big Things Going On

Hey everyone!

Sorry I missed y’all last week. I was in Atlanta and got busy. Anyway, I have so many things to share in this post! First, I finally got the court order so I am legally Harris Mason now. The court mailed me a copy of the order and addressed it to Mr. Mason which was really thoughtful. I also finished my first semester of law school! I won’t get my grades back until January, but I’m kind of okay with that. It has been quite a semester. I worked hard, and made some really amazing friends. There’s some things that I will probably do a little differently next semester, but I know that no matter how my grades come out I gave it my all.

Shortly after my last final I headed to Atlanta for some fun. It was really good to catch up with many of my friends in Atlanta! I had lunch with a friend at Radial in Decatur. I had never been there before, but the food was delicious. My friend also happens to be trans, and it was so nice to talk to them and be able to share with each other. We really have a lot in common, and I look forward to strengthening our friendship as we continue our journeys.

I also got to go to a Georgia Democratic Party holiday party. We raised a lot of money and had a good time. I suggested that we get name tags with pronouns for future events, and I think that we will. It was certainly frustrating to be misgendered at a DPG event. I hope that our party can continue to learn and advocate for the transgender community.

I got to buy my first suit in Marietta thanks to the help of one of my good friends. It’s dark gray, and was an absolute great buy! Of course I’ll have to have some tailoring done, but I’m glad to finally have one. Once I get it back from the tailor, I might post some pictures.

Yesterday my mom and I went to a holiday party hosted by PFLAG and the Nooga Diversity center. Both groups are doing some really great things, and I am glad that there is a support system in greater Chattanooga for LGBTQ individuals. We met some really nice people and had a great time. Some of the women there invited mom to their LGBT moms group, so I’m really happy about that. She seemed to be excited about it.

So I hope everyone has a great week. Please have those LGBTQ people who aren’t accepted by their families in your thoughts and prayers during this holiday season. Happy holidays to those who celebrate and happy Festivus for the rest of us!

All the best,



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