The Most Wonderful Time of Year

Hey everyone!

I am super busy studying for finals right now so this is going to be super short. I have my first two finals this week–contracts on Wednesday and civil procedure on Friday. I feel okay about civ pro, but contracts will be a beast. Needless to say a well deserved drink or six will be had Friday afternoon!

I just wanted to have a little post about how this past Thanksgiving week was. My mom, sister, and two dogs came to visit me. It was a good couple of days. We did a little shopping, and I got some work-type clothes. I gave Mom her birthday present, a Georgia Law Mom shirt. She really liked it. Having a home cooked meal was good and having all the leftovers at my apartment is even better.

I’m glad we beat the nerds from the North Avenue Trade School, but I hate that we fired Mark Richt. He deserved one more year. I hope he stays at UGA in some capacity. Anyway…

Hope everyone has a good week, and wish me good luck for finals!

All the best,



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