I live in the library

Hello everyone,

I’m writing this post from the library. I’ve been here for close to 8 hours. Needless to say I’m pretty tired of studying at this point. I didn’t write last week, because I was too busy. So, I wanted to make sure that I put down something for this week. Well three weeks have gone by since I filed for my name change so just one more week plus a few days for the publisher’s affidavit to get to me are left to wait. Halloween was yesterday, but I didn’t do anything. I spent the first half of the day in the library and the second running errands and watching the game (don’t get me started). My section did dress up for contracts class on Friday. I was Charles Napoleon from the Dougherty v. Salt case. Our professor seemed to enjoy it very much.

I’m certainly feeling the crunch of approaching finals. Whether it’s warranted or not, I feel that I have an added hurdle to jump because of my being trans. It’s hard enough for any law student to get a job. I’m just trying to not think about it too much and just focus on what I can control. Regardless, the worries still seem to hang around. On the other hand, if the employers are anything like my classmates, then I have nothing to worry about. My section of classmates have been really great, and I’m very thankful.

Hope everyone has a good week, and feel free to come visit. You’ll know where to find me!

All the best,



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