Hey everyone!

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to post last week. I was at Atlanta PRIDE all day and was worn out when I got back to Athens. I had a really great day. My mom and sister came down to watch the parade. We started off the day with a brunch at a friend’s house, which was really nice. I went and marched in the parade with the Georgia Democratic Party’s LGBTQ Caucus and Stonewall Caucus. It is always a blast to be in the parade. The streets are lined with happy people and rainbows! It’s a really cool thing to see. My mom and sister stayed behind to watch, and I think they enjoyed the parade too.

It was really nice to see most of my Atlanta friends again! A day without law school was really nice too haha It was definitely hard to get back into law school mode for a day or two. I had a practice torts exam on Monday that I don’t think that I did all that well on, but I know what I need to do for the final.

I have some big news to share! This past Wednesday I filed the paperwork to have my name legally changed. I’ll be really happy to have that done. I’m also thankful to have a family friend pay for it. The process is unnecessarily burdensome with the fees and the waiting period.

Hope everyone has a good week!

All the best,



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