Career Opportunities

Hey everyone!

This week I had a meeting with my career adviser about how I would approach my trans status with prospective employers. Interestingly enough, my adviser has a trans nephew and is very supportive of the trans community. He has worked with a non-binary person before and has his nephew’s experience, so he was asking me questions about where I fall on the spectrum. The questions were probably unnecessarily specific in hindsight. I hadn’t really been asked questions like that before, and I wasn’t really prepared for that. I think I gave adequate answers as far as what he needs to know for job purposes. I was a little uncomfortable, but he was asking based on his experience with a non-binary person and to help me best present myself to prospective employers.

I guess I have a lot of learning to do. I need to learn more about myself and how to verbalize those feelings. I also need to be better about saying that I don’t want to or have answer a question. While I have mixed feelings about Caitlyn Jenner, she did say something that really resonated with me. I didn’t get to watch all of the Diane Sawyer interview, but Caitlyn said something about looking forward to getting to know Caitlyn. I really get that. I spent many years trying to push down certain¬†thoughts and feelings. I imagine that it will take me a while to regain my true self.

I just have to remember the little kid who pitched a kicking, screaming, and crying fit at the sight of a newly redone pink gingham bathroom and got a blue gingham bathroom the very next day. I hope to get that same fight for myself back.

All the best,



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